ADDED ON: 07/18/2021

K-pop cafe ‘told BTS banners are gay propaganda’ by Russian print shop

7/18/21 | Pink News

A print shop in Russia reportedly refused to print BTS banners for a K-pop-themed café, insisting they were “gay propaganda” that would turn children into “perverts”. According to RT, the owners of the K-pop-themed PinkyPop café in Ekaterinburg, Ural Federal District, took to Instagram on Tuesday (13 July) to reveal that they had been turned away while trying to print “greeting cards and banners” of their customers’ favourite groups. The café wrote: “We discussed all the work and details, and placed our first order… after seeing the photos of the bands BTS and Stray Kids, which they were supposed to print, they began to ignore us.” Eventually, the staff managed to get in touch with the print shop, which told them that they wouldn’t be printing the products because the K-pop groups had a “non-traditional orientation”, alluding to Russia’s “gay propaganda” ban. Although there are no out queer members of BTS, the group has taken a strong stance of supporting LGBT+ rights. The owner of the print shop also asked the PinkyPop café staff whether they wanted their “children to become perverts” and insisted it was “stupid to support something that may leave you with no grandchildren”.


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