ADDED ON: 01/27/2018

K-Pop Breakout Star Addresses Sexuality in New Music Video

01/26/2018 | South Florida Gay News

K-pop dominated the music scene in 2017 with boy band, BTS, becoming household names and chart-toppers on Billboard. However, one artist may be taking that spotlight with a new music video that showcases gay representation. K-pop singer Holland made headlines on Sunday with the release of his music video for his debut single, “Neverland.” The video caught viewers’ attention with its same-sex love story, that finds Holland sharing a romantic beach day with his male lover and baring hs sexuality for the world to see. Despite, being praised across the world and garnering over 1.6 million views on YouTube, the video has been met with controversy. According to HuffPost, Korea gave the video a 19-plus rating due to the kiss that is shared between the two lovers at the end of the clip.


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