ADDED ON: 04/23/2022

#JusticeForSheila: Kenyan anger after lesbian’s murder

4/22/22 | BBC News

Rights groups are calling on Kenyan authorities to investigate the murder of a non-binary lesbian, which has sparked the trending hashtag #JusticeForSheila. “No one deserves such cruel treatment. Sheila didn’t have to experience all this pain,” Amnesty Kenya tweeted. Sheila Lumumba’s body was found several days ago, according to LGBTQ groups. The killing has started an online debate about LGBTQ rights in Kenya – a country where gay sex is illegal. Members of the country’s LGBTQ community routinely face discrimination and stigma, and efforts to decriminalise gay sex have been thwarted. It is not definitively clear what happened to Lumumba in the central Nyeri county, but there are reports that they were raped. Lumumba’s body was discovered days after going missing when their colleagues at a hospitality business noticed their absence, according to news site K24 TV. LGBTQ and LGBTQ-supporting Kenyans have taken to social media to highlight the discrimination the group faces. Human rights activist Njeri wa Migwi said she had spoken to Lumumba’s best friend on Thursday: “We cried together,” she posted on Facebook. “Your life mattered Sheila,” Ms Migwa continued.


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