ADDED ON: 07/01/2020

Just A Bunch Of Amazing Queer Black And Indigenous Artists To Support

06/30/2020 | Junkee

Before it was renowned as a party, Pride was (and still is) a protest movement built out from the Stonewall riots. Stonewall couldn’t have happened without Black and brown LGBTIQ folk, such as black trans activists, Marsha P Johnson and Miss Major. Black lives, Black LGBTIQ lives, always have and always will matter. Our community needs to remember this, and support them. For those of us in the LGBT community, we have many Black LGBTIQ folk to thank for the Pride we know today. So, here’s some BlPOC creatives from Australia and beyond, who are out and proud, for you to support. Alison Whittaker is a proudly queer Gomeroi poet, academic and author. She has published two deadly poetry collections, Lemons in the Chicken Wire (2016) and Blakwork (2018). Not to mention Fire Front: First Nations Poetry and Power Today (2020), a collection she curated featuring other creatives in this list.


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