ADDED ON: 04/14/2021

Judge to decide if gay couple who tied the knot in 1974 will have marriage validated

04/12/2021 | CBC

Nearly five decades after they tied the knot, a gay Winnipeg couple is still fighting to have their marriage registered by the Manitoba government. “We’re dealing with irrational prejudice here,” said Chris Vogel, who married his love Richard North in 1974. “I mean, we fell in love. We settled down. We’ve lived happily ever after.” The two became the first gay couple to get married in a Canadian church, and had the only same-sex marriage before 2004, according to court documents. That year, Manitoba became the fourth province to legalize gay marriage. That year, a judge called their marriage a “nullity,” and in 2018, a human rights adjudicator ruled he was bound by the 1974 ruling, which found there was nothing to be registered because there had been no marriage.


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