ADDED ON: 12/25/2020

Judge Rules in Favor of Los Angeles LGBT Center in Diversity Training Suit

12/25/220 | My News LA

A federal judge granted a temporary injunction to the Los Angeles LGBT Center and other gay rights organizations that claimed Donald Trump’s executive order banning some types of diversity training conducted by federal contractors violated their free speech, it was announced Thursday. The judge ruled that the plaintiffs’ First Amendment rights to conduct diversity training that discusses structural racism, white privilege and sexism in society were violated by Trump’s executive order issued on Sept. 22. “The court agrees with plaintiffs that the government’s argument is a gross mischaracterization of the speech plaintiffs want to express and an insult to their work of addressing discrimination and injustice towards historically underserved communities,” U.S. District Judge Beth Labson Freeman wrote in her order Tuesday. “That this government dislikes this speech is irrelevant to the analysis but permeates their briefing.”


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