ADDED ON: 09/17/2018

Judge Rules Against Faith-based Agency in Landmark Case over Lgbt and Religious Rights

09/16/2018 | Cherokee Tribune

A federal judge Friday in Michigan allowed a lawsuit to move forward that experts say impacts faith-based charities across the country that provide adoption services as well as LGBT couples seeking to adopt and foster children. The case, Dumont v. Lyon, focuses on whether faith-based adoption agencies that receive state funding can turn away same-sex couples for religious reasons. It’s one of the first cases of its kind, and experts say it’s likely to set a legal precedent for courts and legislatures nationwide. The Deseret News covered the case in-depth in May. In September 2017, the ACLU sued the state of Michigan on behalf of two same-sex couples and a former foster child, arguing that the state is violating the First Amendment’s establishment clause by allowing faith-based agencies that receive state funds to deny services to same-sex couples. In July, the state and one of the faith-based adoption agencies, St. Vincent Catholic Charities of Lansing, Michigan, filed a motion to dismiss the case.


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