ADDED ON: 09/07/2020

Japan’s anti-outing efforts falling short, LGBT advocates say

09/06/2020 | The Mainichi

Advocates are calling for Japan to create national legislation to protect LGBT individuals from being outed, as the current piecemeal approach is failing to tackle the damaging form of discrimination and putting lives at risk, they say. Current central and local government efforts to prevent disclosure of a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity against their will are insufficient, experts say, and measures that exist can only be applied in a limited scope. A handful of city and ward authorities in Japan have ordinances that specifically ban the outing of people who identify as being from a sexual minority, but only one out of 47 prefectures — Mie in central Japan — is working to implement something similar, according to a July Kyodo News survey. The central government’s response has also seemingly been lacking. One out of 11 people in Japan say that they are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or “other,” according to a 2018 survey by advertising giant Dentsu Inc., and discussion around LGBT issues is becoming more common.


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