ADDED ON: 11/27/2021

Jamaican health minister calls for an end to anti-LGBT discrimination

11/26/21 | Erasing 76 Crimes

Jamaica’s minister of health and wellness told a recent public forum organized by the Jamaica Gleaner newspaper that LGBT Jamaicans should not face discrimination in accessing mental health services. The newspaper reported. that the health and wellness minister, Christopher Tufton, said: “Mental health services have been experiencing a number of reviews. For the LGBT community, clearly, I do not know what the specific concerns are, but I would say, as a blanket statement, that we promote the concept of non-discrimination in terms of access, and any service that we offer to the population would include all segments of the population.” “I think the whole issue of the LGBT community and non-discrimination has evolved, and frankly speaking, I think it is getting better. In fact, there is more accessibility and more willingness to provide service without any prompting or punitive oversight measures.” However, a recent survey of Jamaican mental health professionals found that 95 percent admitted they had refused to serve LGBTQ+ clients.


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