ADDED ON: 09/17/2019

Jamaica tops Caribbean countries for human rights violation, Guyana comes second

09/16/2019 | Stabroek Times

Jamaica has recorded the most incidents of human rights violation when compared to its Caribbean neighbours. According to the regional civil society-led human rights reporting mechanism, the Shared Incident Database (SID), of the 1,413 reports received for the period August 2013 to 2018, Jamaica had a total of 505 incidents, most of which were violence against males. Guyana had the second highest recorded incidents, at 404, followed by Suriname, with 315. The SID data showed that in Jamaica, 52.1 per cent of the incidents were reported by males. They accounted for approximately one and a half times the proportion of cases, compared to females at 33.5 per cent. Transwomen also reported nine times the number of cases as transmen. There was one case where the person did not disclose their gender.


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