ADDED ON: 04/05/2019

Jakarta election commission reaching out to transgender community to help them exercise voting rights

03/28/2019 | Coconuts Jakarta

With anti-LGBT sentiment at “alarmingly” high levels in Indonesia (stoked at least in part by political interests), few Indonesian authorities are brave enough to speak out in defense of the rights of the highly stigmatized minority group. One of the very few exceptions is Jakarta’s General Election Commission (KPU), which claims to be reaching out to the waria (the Indonesian term for transgender women) community to invite them to exercise their voting rights in the presidential and legislative elections on April 17. Jakarta KPU Commissioner Partono said that his commission was reaching out to a number of marginalized groups, including those in the LGBT community. “We are also [reaching out to] the waria community,” Partono said at his office yesterday as quoted by state-run news agency


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