ADDED ON: 07/14/2021

Jailed transgender women in Cameroon to be released pending appeal

07/13/2021 | Reuters

DOUALA, July 13 (Reuters) – Two transgender women in Cameroon convicted in May of “attempted homosexuality” were ordered released from prison on Tuesday until a court hears their appeal, their lawyer said. Shakiro and Patricia were arrested on Feb. 8 for wearing women’s clothing in a restaurant. Shakiro is a celebrity in Cameroon with thousands of social media followers, drawing additional attention to the case. They received the maximum sentence of five years in prison and fines of 200,000 CFA francs for “attempted homosexuality,” public indecency and failing to carry identification. Court documents refer to them by the names Loic Njeukam and Roland Mouthe. read more Human rights activists denounced their arrests and convictions as part of the growing criminalisation of sexual minorities and transgender people in Cameroon.


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