ADDED ON: 02/22/2020

Ivory Coast family beats up gay son after meeting his lover

02/21/2020 | Erasing 76 Crimes

Jules Franckrin Kouamé Kouadio, ironworker by trade, was beaten up by members of his family after presenting his lover on his 35th birthday. On Saturday, Feb. 8, at Plateau-Dokui, Jules Franckrin Kouamé Kouadio held a birthday celebration. He had invited his friends and acquaintances to a lunch washed down with beers and wines in a friendly atmosphere. During the festivities, Kouadio introduced his lover of several years. His gay friends applauded. His family did not. The next day, at 7 a.m., when he was about to take a shower, his uncle, K.D. appeared at the door, accompanied by several other members of the family.


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