ADDED ON: 10/24/2018

It’s 100% segregated’: Does Georgia’s LGBT Haven Have a Race Problem?

10/24/2018 | The Guardian

When it comes to LGBTQ rights, that progress is impressive. Atlanta got a perfect score of 100 on HRC’s 2018 Municipal Equality Index, which rates towns and cities on how LGBTQ-inclusive their laws, policies and services are. This was in stark contrast to other parts of the state. Nevertheless, and despite the well-earned progressive reputation of LGBTQ Atlanta, things are far from perfect. The gay scene is noticeably racially segregated, says Iv Fischer, a 20-year-old YouTuber, student and activist. “There is a big separation between the black clubs and the white clubs in Atlanta [which] has an effect on communities with less visibility. A lot of big acts that come to Atlanta only do business with the white clubs. Really all the gay events happen in white clubs.” As a black transwoman, Fischer says she can feel unwelcome at some of these events. “There’s definitely a different aura and it can be alienating.”


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