ADDED ON: 02/03/2020

‘It’ll be OK. Spain is kinder to us migrants than the British are’

02/01/2020 | The Guardian

If a fair few of the 300,000 Britons who live in Spain woke with pounding heads on Saturday morning, many could at least console themselves with the thought that the nagging sense of regret they were feeling was probably not self-induced. Some of those migrants who voted Remain held their own Brexit wakes. Those in the other camp, meanwhile, reached for the cava to toast their native country’s future from the warmth of an adopted shore. Ian Hassell, a 55-year-old events promoter who has called Spain home for 20 years, went on a tapas crawl to try to ignore it all. Hassell, who runs a Sunday drag-queen bingo brunch in Madrid’s LGBT quarter, says the uncertainty of recent months had affected the business but he hopes things will pick up now. “I think, long-term, it will probably be okay because the Spanish government, ironically, are being much kinder to us British immigrants than the Brits. I think the market’s too big not to come to an agreement over tourist visas and mutual deals.”


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