ADDED ON: 07/27/2018

Italy’s Family Minister Wants to Make It Harder for Same-sex Couples to Become Parents

07/26/2018 | Pink News

The Italian minister for family has condemned same-sex parents who conceive a child abroad using practices “banned by [the Italian] legal system.” Minister Lorenzo Fontana appeared to suggest that same-sex parents that have children born via surrogacy methods, which remain illegal in Italy, should not be recognised as legal guardians in the country, reports Italian news service Agenzia Nazionale Stampa Associata (Ansa). “The present state of family law cannot account for what has happened in recent months on the matter of parental recognition, in terms of registering children conceived abroad by same-sex couples, using practices that are banned under our legal system and that should remain as such,” Fontana told a parliamentary hearing.


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