ADDED ON: 01/05/2021

Italy’s coronavirus vaccine rollout will forcibly out transgender and non-binary people

01/04/2021 | Pink News

Italy’s segregated rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine by gender will forcibly out transgender people, campaigners have warned. As part of the EU’s mass vaccination programme, which will make the COVID-19 vaccine available to all adult EU citizens by the end of 2021, the first Italian person was vaccinated on 27 December. Days later, pictures of a vaccination station in Bologna showed that people being offered the COVID-19 vaccine were being divided into two groups based on gender. The process of legal gender recognition in Italy is long, expensive and hard to access, meaning that many trans and non-binary people have official documents with incorrect gender markers, activists have warned. Trans Group APC, a coalition of trans and non-binary people in Italy, says that the high number of trans people without legal gender recognition, coupled with segregating the COVID-19 vaccine by gender, will lead to trans people who want to receive the vaccine being forcibly outed.


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