ADDED ON: 08/02/2020

Italy is one step closer to protecting LGBT+ people with a new bill, if the far-right doesn’t tear it down first

08/01/2020 | The Independent

Although Italy approved same-sex civil unions in 2016, the country still lags behind other European countries in enacting measures against homotransphobia. In fact, 24 years after then-MP Nichi Vendola first proposed an anti-homophobia bill, there is still no specific legislation safeguarding the equal treatment of LGBTQ+ people. In a country where the number of hate crimes has been continuously growing in recent years, this legislative gap is particularly worrying as it leaves the LGBT+ community vulnerable to verbal and physical aggression. On 3 August, however, the Chamber of Deputies will start discussing a new law, which would equate racial discrimination with discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender and gender identity. Offenders would face up to four years imprisonment if inciting or directly committing violence, and not only against the LGBT+ community, but also women.


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