ADDED ON: 10/07/2022

Italy adopts new LGBT strategy just before right-wing takeover

10/07/2022 | Yahoo News

Italy’s outgoing government has adopted a new plan for LGBT rights just before handing over the reins to a right-wing administration that promises to be far more socially conservative. “We weren’t very ideological, we were very concrete,” Equal Opportunities Minister Elena Bonetti told Reuters on Friday, saying the contents of the document were not controversial. Nevertheless, they immediately jarred with prime-minister-in-waiting Giorgia Meloni and her post-fascist Brothers of Italy party, which won a Sept. 25 election partly on pledges to defend the “traditional family” and resist “LGBT lobbies”. The 30-page “National LGBT+ Strategy 2022-2025,” formally approved on Oct. 6, aims to fight discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in schools, universities, hospitals, prisons, sport clubs, and the workplace in general.


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