ADDED ON: 01/09/2023

It takes that first step’: Building sober housing for the LGBTQ community in St. Cloud

01/08/2023 | St. Cloud Times

WAITE PARK ― On Thursday afternoon Alessandra Williams lifted the blinds of a window in a new sober living community house in Waite Park, sending light through the dining room. The home is one of two houses in town that opened this month that are specifically designed to support LGBTQ people in addiction recovery. A transgender woman herself, Williams has been pushing for better and more comprehensive addiction services for her community in recent months. To her knowledge, these are the first sober living houses for LGBTQ people in Central Minnesota outside of the Twin Cities. Living with others who are maintaining their sobriety has shown to set people up for success, said Jeremy Hover, owner and operator of the company Change Place sober housing, which runs recovery residences for men and women in St. Cloud, Minneapolis and St. Paul.


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