ADDED ON: 02/09/2020

‘It Just Shows What All the Work Was For.’ Meet the First Same-Sex Couple to Get Married in Northern Ireland Next Week

02/08/2020 | Time Magazine

When Belfast native Robyn Peoples found out that her girlfriend had planned a romantic trip to Paris to see Ariana Grande perform, she knew she wanted to do something special. “It was probably a good six months before [the trip] that I started thinking about it, when I got the ring and thought about when and where and how I would do it,” Peoples, 26, says. Nearly five years on, the couple are preparing for their Feb. 11 wedding in Carrickfergus, a town near Belfast. It will be the first same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland, following the passing of new legislation in October. “We’re so excited, we’re ecstatic and we just can’t wait now,” says Edwards, 27, adding that both brides plan to wear wedding dresses. “We haven’t seen each other’s and we’re keeping it a secret until we walk down the aisle.”


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