ADDED ON: 09/21/2020

Israel’s LGBT tech sector is finally being seen

09/21/2020 | CTech

“I was very concerned about how it would impact my career,” Grembek told CTech when thinking back to coming out of the closet following his divorce. “I was very concerned about how to come out at work, and I started to investigate to see if there were organizations or people who had similar challenges so I could consult with them – and I found none.” Ten years later and today LGBTech is a network of thousands of entrepreneurs and professionals from a variety of industry sectors. The organization provides a space where they can meet and find support surrounding some of the challenges facing the workforce and balancing it with their identity. Since being a part of the LGBT community is generally more implicit than race or gender, Grembek says he works with companies like Microsoft, Wix, and Intel to help them make more of an active effort to recognize and celebrate inclusion efforts.


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