ADDED ON: 06/21/2021

Israel’s Foreign Ministry waves LGBTQ Pride flag for first time

06/21/2021 | Jerusalem Post

Foreign Minister Yair Lapid instructed his ministry to raise an LGBT pride flag outside its Jerusalem headquarters in honor of Pride Month for the first time on Monday. The Foreign Ministry and its workers are leading a message of tolerance, brotherhood and freedom,” he tweeted. Deputy Foreign Minister Idan Roll (Yesh Atid), who is gay, said raising the rainbow flag was “important news domestically and abroad.” “I remember myself as a 16-year-old boy with worries about the future, and I hope that this moment reassures young men and women throughout Israel and the world and sends a message of tolerance and acceptance to all of Israeli society,” he said. In response, the far-right Religious Zionist MK Itamar Ben-Gvir said the flag was a “cheap provocation” that “insults religious sensitivities.”


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