ADDED ON: 05/31/2022

Israeli right-wing magazine decries ‘LGBT-stan’ and ‘LGBT religion’.

05/30/2022 | The Jerusalem Post

The right-wing Channel 14 announced a new magazine on Monday, with the cover featuring a cartoon of worshippers surrounding a rainbow “golden calf” with the title “LGBT-stan: how radical left-wing organizations control the State of Israel with the LGBT religion.” The Aguda – The Association for LGBTQ+ Equality in Israel – called the magazine cover “dangerous incitement that contains nothing but hatred for the sake of hatred.” “The publication reminds us how much our struggle for security and equality is not over yet and how important it is to fight until we get there. We will exhaust every legal proceeding along the way and we will stand up for our rights, even if it is discourse that comes from the margins of Israeli society,” said the Aguda.


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