ADDED ON: 01/23/2023

Israeli president’s gay son arrives with partner at LGBTQ event

01/22/2023 | YNet News

President Issac Herzog’s son, who is openly gay and living with his partner David and their three children, arrived at the 100th theatre performance of a play about the horrific murder at Tel Aviv’s LGBTQ club in 2009. The couple’s public appearance amid social apprehension over the anti-LGBTQ positions of coalition members in the newly minted government – was seen by some as a political statement. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu assigned coalition partner Avi Maoz, from the radical Noam faction, to oversee all extracurricular education programs in Israeli schools, despite his alleged homophobic positions, which he stated publically. The play revolves around the horrific shooting at the “Barnoar” youth center in Tel Aviv, then a safe haven for LGBTQ youth. A gunman stormed the club, shooting at the mostly young people in attendance, killing two and injuring 10 others. One of the injured who remained handicapped as a result of his wounds took his own life 11 years later. The couple refused to respond to reporters’ questions at the event.


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