ADDED ON: 06/21/2019

Israeli city Raanana holds its first gay pride parade

06/20/2019 | Israel National News

The central Israeli bedroom community of Raanana held its first Pride march. Up to 3,000 people took part in the parade in the city of some 80,000 residents that is about one-quarter haredi, according to Haaretz. The majority of the marchers on Raanana’s main street were under 21, according to the newspaper. The local chapter of the Scouts movement and the local branch of IGY, Israel’s LGBT youth movement, took the lead in planning the event, Haaretz reported. Raanana Mayor Chaim Broyde is the father of a gay son and spoke at the march. Police reported that seven people were arrested on suspicion of planning to disturb the event, and a small rally against the parade was held outside a local synagogue, Mynet reported.


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