ADDED ON: 08/26/2019

Israeli Arabs indicted for attempted honor killing of gay teen

08/26/2019 | Arutz Sheva

Three Israeli Arab men from northern Israel were indicted in Tel Aviv Sunday in connection with the stabbing of a gay teenager in Tel Aviv last month, in what was an apparent attempted honor killing. Last month, a 16-year-old Israeli Arab boy was stabbed and seriously wounded just outside of the Beit Dror gay youth hostel in Tel Aviv. The teen told emergency first responders that he had been attacked by his older brother, who apparently targeted the teen because of his sexual orientation. Four days later, two of the teen’s older brothers turned themselves in to police. The victim’s two brothers, ages 23 and 27, were charged Sunday with attempted murder and conspiracy to commit murder for the July 26th stabbing, along with aggravated assault and making threats, in connection with previous incidents. The names of the two suspects remain under a court-imposed gag order to protect the identity of the victim.


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