ADDED ON: 01/12/2020

Israel Justice minister blasts education minister’s ‘backwards’ remarks on LGBT couples

01/11/2020 | Times of Israel

Justice Minister Amir Ohana lambasted Education Minister Rafi Peretz on Saturday for comments Peretz made in a newspaper interview, where he appeared to call same-sex marriage unnatural. Peretz was asked by Yedioth Ahronoth how he would respond if one of his children were gay. “Thank God my kids grew up naturally and healthy. They’re building their families from Jewish values,” he responded. “In the religious public that lives according to the Torah, a normal family is a man and a woman,” he continued. “[We] don’t need to be ashamed that we live in this natural way.” Ohana, who is Israel’s first openly gay minister, called Peretz’s remarks “reprehensible, backwards and wrong.”


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