ADDED ON: 03/26/2021

Israel Elections: What is the Religious Zionist Party’s agenda?

03/25/2021 | Jerusalem Post

The Knesset debut of the ultra-nationalist Religious Zionist Party (RZP), which includes the far-right Kahanist Otzma Yehudit Party and the anti-LGBT Noam Party, has caused not a little anguish on the Left. RZP secured six seats and 225,000 votes in the election, giving it a significant representation, and hopes of greater ideological influence in putting together a national-religious government. The party published a detailed manifesto laying out its policy goals on a range of matters, including settlements, religion and state, and diminishing the power of the High Court. The party has been reluctant, like many parties ahead of the election, to detail what ministerial portfolios it would seek Given the final election results in which the pro-Netanyahu bloc secured 59 seats, two less than a majority, RZP leaders and officials have been even more reluctant to discuss the issue.


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