ADDED ON: 03/29/2021

Israel Election: The anti-LGBTQ Lawmaker Who May Help Form Netanyahu’s Coalition

03/28/2021 | Haaretz

Israeli election results came as surprise to the far-right Religious Zionism party. The party, which is composed of three lists, ended up receiving six Knesset seats after teetering on the verge of the electoral threshold. Lucky number six was Avigdor (Avi) Maoz, head of Noam, a party for “normal people” in Israel. Noam sees itself as a champion of Jewish, national and religious values. It raises the banner of “Jewish identity,” “family values” and fights against what they call “post-modernism.” While all of which could sound reasonable, in practice, Noam’s representatives have emphasized time and again their opposition to LGBTQ and Reform Jews’ rights, as well as their will to reform the judiciary system.


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