ADDED ON: 08/27/2018

Islamist Politician Says Malaysian Govt. Should ‘take Action’ Against LGBTI Community

08/27/2018 | Gay Star News

A politician from an Islamist party in Malaysia has defended a sermon which said the government should take ‘stern action’ against the country’s LGBTI community. Nasrudin Hassan also hit out at the religious affairs minister for meeting with a transgender rights activist. Nasrudin is the information chief for the Malaysian Islamic Party, or PAS as they are commonly known. He rebutted criticism which suggested that the sermon, held by a regional council, was provoking discord and defended anti-LGBT laws. ‘In the sermon, it was merely pointed out that illegal sexual activities involving the LGBT community are against Islam, and that the government should take stern action against them instead of catering to the LGBT community’s requests,’ Nasrudin said.


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