ADDED ON: 11/04/2020

Isko Moreno signs Manila anti-discrimination ordinance

11/03/2020 | Rappler

Gender discrimination is now banned in the national capital. On Thursday, October 29, Manila Mayor Isko Moreno signed Ordinance No. 8695 or the Manila LGBTQI Protection Ordinance of 2020. The ordinance bans discrimination on the basis of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Expression (SOGIE). It defined discrimination as: “Any distinction, exclusion, restriction, or other differential treatment that is directly or indirectly based on sexual orientation, gender identity and expression which has the intention or effect of nullifying or impairing the recognition, enjoyment or exercise on an equal footing of political, civil, economic, social, and cultural rights.” Manila joins Quezon City and a few other cities in the Philippines with anti-discrimination ordinances to combat prejudice in their local jurisdictions.


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