ADDED ON: 06/01/2019

Is your life expectancy different because you are LGBTQ+?

05/31/2019 | Instinct

What do you feel your life expectancy is? Do you think it is different because you are LGBTQ+? The current life expectancy for the “average” American is roughly 78 years and Brazil is not far behind. But the life expectancy of transgender people in Brazil is 35 because of the violence and discrimination against them. This fact is highlighted in the new film Thirty-Five developed for Athosgls, an LGBTQI+ news portal by Y&R Brazil (part of VMLY&R Group). The short film, produced by FAUNA studio, features real trans couple Guto and Onika. This statistic is underscored by the film’s soundtrack, a cover of Alphaville’s 80’s hit song ‘Forever Young’ by Brazilian vocalist Liniker (a black trans woman). Coincidently, this year marks the 35th anniversary of the song’s release.


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