ADDED ON: 07/28/2018

Is Berlin’s Gay Population Experiencing a Backlash?

07/28/2018 | Irish Times

It started on a drizzly June day in 1979, when 500 people holding home-made signs marched past surprised West Berliners. On Saturday, half a million people are expected to brave 33-degree heat to march in the 40th anniversary Christopher Street Day, Germany biggest gay pride parade.  Behind the sweaty glitter and sparkling wine, however, campaigners in Europe’s gay mecca are sounding the alarm. A year after Germany secured marriage equality, community leaders see indications of rising apathy – even anger – towards homosexuals. “There’s this strange mood in German society now, with people saying ‘you got marriage equality, what else do you want?’” said Johannes Kram, author of a new book called “I’ve Nothing Against Gays, But . . .”


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