ADDED ON: 11/08/2021

Iran: Gay couple sentenced to death for adultery after family demanded execution

11/07/2021 | WION

After his father-in-law sought their execution, a married Iranian man and his male lover were given the death penalty for adultery. The couple, who are 27 and 33 years old, are expected to be hung, even though the man’s wife pleaded with the authorities to spare their lives. In Iranian law, persons convicted of a crime can be pardoned or sentenced to prison if the victim’s family forgives them. However, because of his son-in-law’s adultery, the woman’s father intervened and asked that the men be executed. The wife of one of the men offers video proof to police, but she requests that the death penalty not be applied; instead, the courts uphold her father’s demand. Adultery is traditionally punished by stoning in Iran, but the legislation in Tehran was altered in 2013 to allow judges to pick the mode of punishment.


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