ADDED ON: 08/06/2021

IOC Investigates Anti-LGBT Slurs Against Olympic Athletes on Russian TV

08/06/2021 | Moscow Times

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) is investigating two Russian state-run TV channels over talk shows that disparaged the lifestyles of a transgender and a gay athlete as “perversion” and “abomination,” the BBC has reported. Two of Russia’s most popular channels, Rossiya and Channel One, dedicated several of their late-July talk shows to transgender New Zealand weightlifter Laurel Hubbard and British gold medal-winning diver Tom Daley, who is gay. “We stand opposed to all this smut and perversion,” lawmaker Alexei Zhuravlyov said during a panel discussion on Rossiya’s “60 Minutes” show, according to the BBC’s media-monitoring service. “We stand against this abomination.” Anatoly Kuzichev, host of Channel One’s “Vremya Pokazhet” program, wore a long wig during one of the broadcasts to mock Hubbard and call transgender people “psychopaths.” “We have been in contact with our contractual broadcasting partner in Russia in order to get clarity on the situation and to underline the Fundamental Principles of the Olympic Charter,” the IOC said in a statement to the BBC.


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