ADDED ON: 08/25/2020

Intersex student seeks help after corrective surgery goes awry

08/24/2020 | Kenya Broadcasting Corporation

Bewildered, traumatized, terrified, these are words that come close to describing the turmoil facing Ezekiel Mwaleghu, a 19-year old form-one student at a secondary school in Voi Sub-County. Mwaleghu spends most of his days holed up in his village as he hides from visiting neigbours. When a neighbour approaches their homestead, Mweleghu quickly dashes into his room which has become like a prison and only leaves when he has to attend meetings for a disabled and handicap group where he was recently enrolled as a member. “I just need the stares, the gossip, and the laughter to stop,” Mwaleghu says in a subdued voice. It is hard to get Mwaleghu to talk because of the sensitivity of the topic, but once he begins to reluctantly open up, he paints a grim picture of what he has been going through, tormented by anguish, uncertainty and great fear.


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