ADDED ON: 10/20/2020

Intersex, HIV/AIDs Status, Citizenship Now Protected Characteristics Under Albanian Discrimination Law

10/20/2020 | Exit News

The Albanian parliament has made amendments to the law “on protection from discrimination” to afford more protection to people living in the country. As per the amendments, the law will now provide protection paper, based on citizenship, HIV status, and sexual characteristics. Protected characteristics under Albanian law now include race, ethnicity, colour, language, nationality, political, religious, or philosophical beliefs, economic, educational, or social status, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, sex characteristics, living with HIV/AIDS, pregnancy, perinatal responsibility, parental responsibility, age, marital status, place of residence, health status, genetic predisposition, outward appearance, disability, belonging to a particular group.” One of the new terms included, ‘sexual characteristics’ will provide protection specifically for intersex individuals in Albania. Changes have also been made to categorise repeated or persistent discrimination or discrimination motivated by more than one reason as a “serious form of discrimination”. It will also consider whether the target suffered serious consequences based on the discrimination against them. The fine for a serious form of discrimination has also been increased to double the amount given for other types of discrimination.


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