ADDED ON: 08/25/2020

Intersex Children in Uganda Face Rejection, Violence

8/23/20 | Global Press Journal

KAMPALA, UGANDA — No one wanted to name Nakitto Flavio’s baby. At a traditional ceremony, the infant’s aunt refused because the newborn’s sex was unclear. Flavio’s husband wouldn’t do it either. In fact, he declared the child cursed and left the family. Flavio’s anguish is common for Ugandan parents of intersex children, who are often rejected both by their extended family and by a society where issues of gender and sexuality can churn up heated debate and even violence. “It’s so unfortunate that the general East African society has always responded with denial, hostility and, at best, silence on these matters pertaining to sexual development and related health and rights concerns,” says a report by Support Initiative for People with Congenital Disorders, an intersex rights organization based in Kampala, Uganda’s capital.


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