ADDED ON: 09/17/2019

Inside Australia’s Christian churches where gay people are told they are ‘broken’ and ‘need to be fixed’ before they undergo ‘conversion therapy’

09/15/2019 | Daily Mail

Gay Christians are being sent to ‘conversion therapy’, an outdated form of ‘counselling’ which teaches homosexuality is a form of ‘brokenness’, it has been revealed. An explosive investigation by 60 Minutes showed at least 10 organisations in Australia and New Zealand are offering conversion therapy, which is known to cause ‘severe mental trauma’. Robert Williams joined a church in his early 20s, got married and had two children, but in 2009 told a minister he was attracted to men. The minister immediately sent him to ‘counselling’. Mr Williams was told to flick a rubber band around his wrist or take a cold shower every time he had sexual thoughts about men. He said he knew he was falling into depression by hiding who he was but he knew coming out would come with serious consequences.


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