ADDED ON: 06/03/2022

Indonesia’s LGBTQ community fears crackdown under legal reforms

06/02/2022 | Deutsche Welle

Indonesia’s lawmakers are working on reforming the country’s criminal code under a draft bill, known in the country by the acronoym RKUHP. The reforms are an attempt to sweep out a colonial era criminal justice system, but there is concern the reforms will be used to make more types of conduct illegal. That is why LGBTQ rights activists are worried new legal standards could be used to penalize and persecute same-sex couples. Same-sex couples in Indonesia cannot legally marry. The law states that marriage is defined as being between a man and a woman, as husband and wife. However, there is also no specific law prohibiting or penalizing a same-sex relationship between two consenting adults. The community’s concerns come precisely because of the ambiguity.


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