ADDED ON: 08/14/2018

Indonesian President’s Running Mate Called for LGBTI Activities to Be Criminalized

08/13/2018 | Gay Star News

Human Rights Watch (HRW) expressed concern about the Indonesian president’s running mate, who has a history of clamping down on LGBTI people. Last week President Joko Widodo selected Ma’ruf Amin as his running mate for the 2019 presidential election. Amin is an influential figure in Islamic community. In the past he has said that ‘LGBTI people should be criminalized because of their “deviant behavior“,’ and has issued numerous fatwas against LGBTI activities. ‘[Amin has] played a pivotal role in fuelling worsening discrimination against the country’s religious and gender minorities,’ the HRW said in a statement. HRW said that Widodo’s choice of a running mate raises serious questions about the president’s commitment to human rights.


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