ADDED ON: 05/18/2019

Indonesian cop allegedly discharged for being gay challenging dismissal in court

05/17/2019 | Coconuts Jakarta

An Indonesian police officer was allegedly fired from the force over his sexual orientation in what is shaping up to be the latest high profile case of state-sanctioned discrimination against the protected minority. As reported by Suara, the 30-year-old officer, identified as Brigadier TT, formerly of the Central Java Police, was dishonorably discharged for being gay in 2017 and is now challenging his dismissal in the province’s Administrative Court (PTUN) in Semarang next week in a bid to restore his place in the force. According to TT’s lawyer, his client was arrested on February 14, 2016 under suspicion of extortion, albeit without a warrant. “But during the interrogation, [TT] was instead questioned about his sexual orientation, which they said was deviant. There is actually no such thing as a deviant sexual orientation. [TT] only has a sexual orientation that puts him in the minority,” TT’s attorney, Ma’ruf Bajammal, told Suara.


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