ADDED ON: 01/30/2020

Indonesia: Rejecting homophobic pseudoscience

01/29/2020 | Jakarta Post

Sensational headlines, clickbait articles and pseudoscience cannot be tolerated when they promote fear and hatred. Many in the media, including writers and editors, use these techniques to inflame prejudice against homosexuality and LGBT communities. Another technique used is to cite outdated research – or cherry-pick parts of research – to make it seem like the author has based their opinion in fact. At a time when homophobic claims are becoming a mainstay of Indonesian media, we must take time to think through what is being said and assess if it is scientifically accurate. There are many examples of opinion presented as fact. One of the most heinous can be found in an article published by Republika on Jan.10. In the article, Ihshan makes blatantly untrue statements, uses discredited and outdated studies and misinterprets others to support his opinion. He dresses up opinion as fact.


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