ADDED ON: 11/26/2022

India’s top court to weigh same-sex marriage recognition

11/25/2022 | France 24

India’s top court decided Friday to proceed with a case weighing legal recognition of same-sex marriages, four years after the same institution struck down a colonial-era ban on gay sex. The case, brought by a gay couple who informally exchanged vows last year, could pave the way for India to become the second jurisdiction in Asia to recognise same-sex marriage after Taiwan. Petitioners Abhay Dange and Supriyo Chakraborty told the New Indian Express newspaper after their wedding ceremony that they hoped “to live in a world with no closets”. They are now asking the Supreme Court for the same marital rights as straight couples. A bench led by chief justice Dhananjaya Chandrachud asked the government to file its response within a month.


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