ADDED ON: 07/15/2019

India’s first LGBTI job fair draws a crowd in Bangalore

07/12/2019 | CNN

India’s first ever LGBTI job fair attracted a sellout crowd Friday as some of the biggest names in business lined up to interview hundreds of candidates in the tech city of Bangalore. Goldman Sachs (GS), Ford (F), Uber (UBER), Accenture (ACN) and Intel (INTC), as well as big Indian companies such as Godrej — a family-owned conglomerate — and luggage maker VIP Industries, were among dozens of employers that sponsored the fair and offered jobs. The event was organized by the Pride Circle, an organization founded in 2017 to promote the inclusion of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transexual and intersex people in the workforce. “Either you meet queer people in the pride marches, or you meet them at gay parties, or you would meet them at film festivals,” Pride Circle co-founder Srini Ramaswamy told CNN Business. “And in all these three big spaces, you would probably not go and ask: ‘Hey do you want a job?'”


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