ADDED ON: 04/04/2020

India: LGBT is the hardest hit group in these coronavirus times

04/03/2020 | Siasat Daily

The one group of people which is always gets excluded from discussion on any subject of national importance is LGBT or Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender. The impact of coronavirus has not left any section of the society unaffected. And so are LGBTs. There are an estimated 100,000 transgender who live in Telangana. Like the poorest of the poor, the LGBT group has become one of the most affected by the impact of coronavirus. Many of them have no jobs, no regular income, no medical care and no government policy to give them assistance on preferential basis. “Koun pouchta hai pinjaray may band parindauN ko, madam (who takes care of the caged birds when they do not have a master?),” one of them said. Anil Kushary, Vice President of Mobbera, an NGO working for the transgender told, “India’s coronavirus lockdown has left people at heightened risk of ill health and poverty because they exist on the margins of society, making a living through sex work and begging.”


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