ADDED ON: 06/14/2022

In the wake of ‘Don’t Say Gay,’ LGBTQ students won’t be silenced.

06/13/2022 | Henchinger Report

Nearly a dozen Winter Park High School students settled into a classroom, forming a semi-circle around 17-year-old Will Larkins, who sat cross-legged on a desk. It was the first meeting of the school’s Queer Student Union since March, when the group led a school-wide walkout to protest state legislation intended to limit classroom discussion on sexual orientation and gender identity. Critics have dubbed the measure the “Don’t Say Gay” law. Will, the head of the club, wanted to get a sense of how everyone was feeling. “For the most part, it was actually really positive,” said Echo Izzo, a 19-year-old senior who was near the front of the group that day.


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