ADDED ON: 08/06/2020

In search of his lost love, 90-year-old man comes out as gay

08/05/2020 | USA Today

Kenneth Felts didn’t plan on coming out to the world. In fact, he didn’t plan on coming out to anyone until the coronavirus pandemic struck. The 90-year-old Colorado man’s decades-long search for a former partner named Phillip ended in him coming out online – and gaining national attention – nearly 60 years after his brief relationship with the love of his life. Felts, a Navy veteran, knew he was gay since he was 12 years old, and despite a few brief flings during his adolescence and young adulthood, he kept it hidden because of his Christian upbringing. It wasn’t until meeting Phillip that he briefly lived out his life as an out gay man. “The only thing I could do was just hide it, and I hid it deep and dark, and I stayed that in that basement for the rest of my life practically,” he said. “I just denied it and ignored it.”


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