ADDED ON: 02/02/2020

In Peru, land of wild, corrupt politics, the economy hums right along

02/01/2020 | The Hour

Expectations for the Congress Peru elected this week are understandably modest. Nine feuding parties from the center to the extreme right emerged victorious, with the second-largest faction made up of biblical survivalists, some in flowing beards and robes, who consider their founder a prophet and gays evil. As to Peru’s executive branch, five of the last six presidents have been implicated in corruption probes. One shot himself in the head last year. Amid the parties, several fringe groups that hadn’t had lawmakers in congress for decades made strong showings. They include the agriculture party Frepap, whose main congressman, Wilmer Cayllahua, was on TV this week saying that gays and other members of the LGBT community have “evil embedded in their hearts and blood.”


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